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      Cell Manufacturing

      (Menlo) MLC has characteristic of intelligent C cell manufacturing, which can reduce the lead time, reduce cost and increase product consistency. Through intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing system, each production process will be set by cells, which means combining each cell to be a whole production line, and eventually complete product manufacturing by both humans and machines.
      technology and intelligent manufacturing system, the production line of cell is set up, the whole production line is laid out as a collection of small units, and finally the product manufacturing is finished by people and machines.

      Critical process
      Production field
      > Intelligent C cell manufacturing mode, it cares for people, and the intelligent manufacturing system can inspire people to create value. The system consists of intelligent logistics, intelligent quality control and intelligent processing. Based on internet technology and lean production, it aims to be Chinese intelligent manufacturing system in 2025.
      > M: Main Body, which is independent business, manufacturing department.
      > L: Line, which is logistics line, technology line and value line.
      > C: Cell, which is functional cell, including process, plan and quality control.
      > MC: Material Control Cell
      > QC: Quality Control Cell
      > LC: Process Cell
      1. MLC mode comprise functional cells, which can realize distributed production, convenient for globalization, decentration, networking and personalized customization.
      2. Under the coordination between ERP system and MES system, functional cells of MLC mode can realize overall intelligent from order to delivery.
      3. The core tools of MLC mode are the three flow charts (logistics, quality control, process) and generalized BOM.
      4. The core of logistic engineering is block.
      5. Using section control and Lateral conditioning method for cells control and settlement.